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Statistician Vacancy for the World Engineering Index at CGE

The Centre for Global Equality is beginning a new project for which we require a statistician.

This project will develop a ‘proof of concept’ for a new ‘World Engineering Index’, which could become part of a new biennial report called ‘Engineering: the State of the Art’.

The current concept of the index is that it will be a composite index that looks at three factors across every country: Engineering Capacity, Quality and Need. The index will rank countries according to these criteria, and will allow simple visual comparisons between countries and regions, and between a country and the averages for its region and the world. It will provide a single, simple entry point for discussion of engineering policies.

We are looking for a Statistician at PhD or post-Doc level with the availability to work seven days in the next couple of months (we are flexible on the exact dates) at £100 per day (£700 in total).

The key aspects of the role are:
To develop the necessary calculations for a credible World Engineering Index.
To ensure that we have statistically sound judgments when bringing together very different kinds of data.

Please contact if you are interested in joining us on this project.




CGE Student Society currently recruiting

The Centre for Global Equality Student Society is now recruiting new committee members for 2017-2018.

Please complete the form here to apply – interviews will be held in July.