One in ten people in the world do not have access to clean water, and water-borne disease leads to 2.2 million deaths every year. Current gold-standard water testing equipment is bulky, expensive, takes 18 hours and requires technical expertise. Waterscope is developing an inexpensive, rapid, quantitative water testing kit that non-experts can use to identify specific bacterial presence in 4-6 hours.

Two Cultivator ventures are evolving innovative approaches to disinfecting water at point-of-use:

Blue Tap is developing a chlorinator that can be installed by local plumbers on household pipes in developing world cities. The aim is both to provide potable water and to develops skill and business opportunities for local plumbers, so enhancing incomes and employment.

Majico is developing an affordable sunlight-driven purification system for households without electricity and running water. Using a patented photocatalyst that removes E.coli 13 times more effectively than present technology, Majico’s system and business model will enable local entrepreneurship.