UoC Student Society

As a network of NGOs, academics, businesses and individuals the Centre for Global Equality works collaboratively towards reducing extreme inequality. The University of Cambridge Student Society interacts with and supports this network with a focus on collaboration and teamwork. If you are interested in a career tackling domestic or international inequality, joining CGE Student Society Committee is an excellent way to learn about the realities of the work and build relevant skills. CGE Student Society has three main goals: organising events; publicising CGE’s events and opportunities; and acting as a network for student societies. Every year the CGE Student Society runs the Cambridge International Development Conference.

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This years International Development Conference was a huge success. With over 110 attendees, twenty speakers and a workshop, the day brought together students, academics, social enterprises, charities, NGOs and businesses. A big congratulations to Morven Lavery, our Committee Chairperson and Tom Stakes, our Junior Treasurer and the rest of the committee for such a successful day. The conference provoked interesting conversations around ‘Productive Partnerships in International Development’, that encouraged new connections within the field and inspired delegates to appropriately engage with international development in partnership with those most affected by extreme poverty and global inequalities.

For more information about the International Development Conference, see www.camidc.org.uk

Every month, the CGE Student Society facilitates the organisation of Missing Maps, an initiative that creates digital maps for the most remote, and vulnerable, parts of the world. Morven and her team help recruit University of Cambridge volunteers and find venues for the ‘map-a-thons’ in Cambridge. The CGE events calendar shows when and where the Missing Maps events are taking place.

2017-18 Committee Members:

Chair – Moven Lavery

Morven leads the conference committee, and oversees student engagement for Missing Maps Cambridge. She is in her final year of her undergraduate, studying Politics and International Relations. Her interests include international security, conflict prevention and management, and sustainablelocal initiatives. Morven has been involved with Development i-Teams, Polygeia, and the Centre of Governance and Human Rights Student Society.

Treasurer – Tom Stakes

Tom is a 4th year Engineer with an interest in utilising technology for social good. Tom first came into contact with CGE through projects with the student society ITIC, and then though the “Technology for the Poorest Billion” project, run in conjunction with the Engineering Department. Tom is one of the co-founders of BlueTap, a start-up social enterprise based in Cambridge, developing water purification technology. BlueTap are a proud to be a member of CGE’s Innovation Cultivator.

Conference Officer – Serena Belluschi

Serena is a final year PhD student at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute within the department of haematology. Her research focuses on the study of human haematopoietic stem cells biology with a particular interest in the study of the molecular mechanisms involved in exit from quiescence and cell fate decisions. Before starting her PhD, Serena volunteered in Uganda with a local NGO whose goal is to improve the quality of life in rural districts through education. With an interest in global health and international development, and co-founder of Majico, a Cambridge based social enterprise aimed at empowering communities with sustainable water treatment technologies, Serena would like to continue her career in this field.

Publicity Officer – Hyun Ji Oh

Hyun Ji is the Publicity Officer for the student committee. She is in her third year, studying HSPS (Politics and Sociology). She is highly interested in the ways social enterprises work to precipitate social change, particularly issues concerning educational equality and human rights. Hyun Ji has been involved in organising the ‘I Escaped from North Korea’ talks, being part of the Beyond Profit Society Cambridge and participating Cambridge Hub’s Social Innovation Project. Carrying her interests further, she is planning to move on to study a Master’s degree at LSE on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship after finishing her degree here.