The CGE Student Society’s International Development Conference 

 The CGE Student Society’s International Development Conference 

On Saturday 17 February, the CGE Student Society hosted the eleventh International Development Conference (IDC) at St John’s Old Divinity School, Cambridge. The conference theme was Productive Partnerships in International Development.

There were over 100 attendees and 19 speakers who participated in 8 presentations and panels.

“There were speakers from vast sprawling international NGOs, and from start-up non-profits. It was valuable to understand how each of them approached partnerships, and their ideas for the future. It was also striking to realise that every issue area in international development involves partnerships – from technology and education, to maps and conflict. Each area faces its own challenges regarding partnerships, and different actors have found their own solutions. We hope you left the day with new ideas, new perspectives, and an increased respect for the importance of productive partnerships in international development.” – Morven Lavery, CGE Student Society Chair

More information on the Conference and how you can be involved next year

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