Tech4Dev Travel Awards Field Trial Feedback Evening

Tech4Dev Travel Awards Field Trial Feedback Evening

On Thursday 23 November, the Centre for Global Equality, together with the Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability, the Smart Villages research group and the Cambridge Malaysian Education and Development Trust, hosted the Tech4Dev Travel Award Field Trial Feedback Evening. The evening was to showcase the six winners of the travel award programme who recieved funds to conduct their first field trials. The winners were:

  • Blue Tap, who tested the performance of their chlorine injection technology in Mbarara, Uganda, and assessed the feasibility of their business plan, which included gauging local plumbers’ interest in the product.
  • Majico, who tested the first full scale prototype of their photocatalytic water purification device in in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. They also co-created a business model and undertook market research with Bridge for Change, STICLab and students from Ardhi University.
  • Project AUVR worked with an autism centre in Malaysia to investigate how virtual reality (VR) technology could enhance care for autistic children.
  • A plastic upcycling team explored the conversion of waste plastic into building materials as an income-generating activity for a local Community Based Organisation in Kilifi, Kenya.
  • A Soil Moisture Sensor team investigated whether their sensor could assist small holder farmers in Ethiopia irrigate more effectively.
  • Exploring a new use-case for ApRES, a radar instrument originally developed by the British Antarctic Survey, a team conducted a field trial in Kruger National Park, South Africa, to investigate the instrument’s potential for monitoring the water table and enhancing ground water management in arid areas.

The winners gave presentations on their aims, activities, collaborations, what went well (and what didn’t!), insights, advice for future projects and next steps.

*pictured – Majico in Tanzania

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