The Morepak team emerged from the 2020 Cambridge Fruit and Veg Makeathon with a new product that will aim to provide more durable packaging for farmers making the journey from farm to market.Summary of Technology

The Team

Nikita Kamath is an undergraduate student working in Engineering and technology with a strong interest in positive social impact.

Tse Uwejamomere is an undergraduate student studying Engineering with an interest in sustainable development. She manages Morepak’s Process Development, making the product technologically appropriate for its intended use.

Jing Qian is a Master’s student in Service Design from the Royal College of Art. She is working on the Morepak team as Service Designer and Industrial Designer.

Grace Ojo is an undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering who is interested in sustainable product development and biotechnology. She works as Morepak’s Secretary and aids in process development and research.

Watch Morepak’s final project video to learn more about the technology here.