Membership for Organisations

The past year has been very productive for the Centre for Global Equality, and we have embarked on a number of exciting new initiatives that enrich our offering to members. These include the Tech4Dev Co-Creation Travel Awards, facilitating two Cambridge Wireless Unplugged conferences, working with new corporate partners, delivering international workshops, and the establishment of the Cambridge Inclusive Innovation programme. We have been working in close collaboration with a number of University of Cambridge initiatives, including Cambridge Global Challenges, the University of Cambridge Strategic Research Initiative (SRI) for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the Trust in Technology SRI, and Food Security SRI. In addition, our student society has just run the 12th Cambridge International Development Conference, and hosts regular events with Missing Maps.

In order to demonstrate effectively the value that our member network offers, and to facilitate effective networking between CGE members, researchers and innovators, we have decided that instead of soliciting membership fees, we are asking members to renew with information. We trialled this new membership mechanism for 2018 and have been pleased with the results. The renewal form asks where you are working, the types of programmes you are running, and your current areas of focus. The information we ask for is to enable us make the following sorts of statements, and be able to back them up with some evidence.

“CGE has *** member organisations that work in *** low and middle income countries. In 2018, CGE member organisations ran *** projects with *** beneficiaries. While projects contribute across most sectors, the network has particular strength in *Health, *Education, *Water and *Technological Innovation, in *Uganda, *Kenya, *Ethiopia and *Bangladesh”

Thank you to all of the organisations who submitted applications to be CGE members this year. Your applications are currently being discussed and audited by the Board of Trustees.

If you would like to be a CGE Member Organisation, please email