Small Acts of Kindness

Small Acts of Kindness is a charity providing support for young people in areas impacted by extreme poverty and conflict.  The team is currently focusing on leadership development using sport as the learning vehicle.

Through teaching cricket, football, rugby and other sporting activities Small Acts of Kindness provide opportunities for the development of leadership, compassion, citizenship and kindness in young people, their teachers, and thier communities.

Small Acts of Kindness work in Sri Lanka, Rwanda, and Nepal on projects with local schools and other organisations and focus on developing leadership and life skills.

The charity was founded in 2006 where the team were coaching sport in an orphanage, in a juvenile prison, and on the streets of Bangkok. The team then expanded to working in Sri Lanka and began to build a relationship with the pastors and project team of a Church – working in an orphanage and the villages. In 2015, Small Acts of Kindness began working in Nepal with the Padma Kanya School in Kathmandu. Most recently the charity has been working in Rwanda where they ahve been working with Acts of Gratitude and The Montfort Secondary School.