Ideabatic is an award-winning social enterprise solving vaccine cold-chain issues for human and animal health at the last few miles of delivery. According to the World Health Organisation, 2 to 3 million children die each year of a vaccine-preventable disease and 19.5 million are still lacking basic vaccinations. Ideabatic has been developing its SMILE (Smart last-mile) technology to guarantee vaccine are kept at the critical temperatures 2- 8 degrees Celcius and extend cooling capacity throughout the ‘last-mile’ journey which typically takes a few hours to 7 days. SMILE aims to eliminate vaccine spoilage and reach out to millions who are currently unvaccinated.

The SMILE system has won multiple innovation awards globally. These include the ViiV Healthcare and MassChallenge Award £25K, Next Generation Global Health Innovation Award, London Mayor Innovation Award, Expo 2020 Dubai Innovation Impact Grant $100K and Royal Academy of Engineering £60K. Ideabatic consists of individuals with expertise in cooling, engineering, design, medicine and business from industry, University of Cambridge and Imperial College London.

Ideabatic are working with immunisation and cold-chain experts in the UK, Nigeria and South Africa. The team is building a consortium with industry, health organisations and academia for field tests and accelerate launch. Ideabatic invite you to help reach out every child however difficult the journey is.