Bottles for Growth

Bottles for Growth (BfG) is a social venture that addresses the problem of crop potential of small scale farmers in water-stressed areas through the investigation and development of innovative re-use of plastic bottles as mini greenhouses. Such a design can enable the conservation of water that would otherwise evaporate and provide improved protection to the plant during the crucial early stages when it is at its most vulnerable. This can reduce plastic waste while increasing the effectiveness of irrigation to improve food production in desert soils and other harsh environments.

BfG is a facilitator, which disseminates info to small scale farmers in water stricken areas and empower them. The interdisciplinary core team are four current and former Cranfield MSc students and have conducted preliminary research at test sites across the world that confirmed great potential for the method. Plans are currently being made for further research to be conducted at Cranfield and Cairo to refine the concept by mitigating potential risks and analysing other factors using rigorous scientific analysis.

BfG is the winner of the Cranfield Social Venture Challenge 2015.