World Engineering Index

With funding from the Happold Foundation, a team at the Centre for Global Equality has created the first World Engineering Index.

The World Engineering Index ranks countries according to their engineering capability, as measured through four dimensions: Engineering Expertise, Engineering Potential, Engineering Status and Engineering Sustainability.

The guiding principle behind the World Engineering Index is that engineering is a vital component to ensuring good development, defined as, economic and social prosperity that is accessible to the entire population.

Combining 19 individual factors, the ranking measures each country’s overall ability to balance the different aspects required of a successful engineering sector.

The interactive tools on the website present each country’s relative strengths and weaknesses and allow for comparisons between countries and regions. As such, the World Engineering Index is well positioned for use a policy tool, to inform how best to support the engineering sector within a country.

The project was carried out be Annie Hamill, Sarah Wilson, Fung Sing Choi and Ismail Akram and supervised by Andrew Lamb, a Trustee of CGE.

The launch of the World Engineering Index can be viewed here.