Inclusive Innovation

We have developed an approach we call Inclusive Innovation, which is inclusive in purpose and approach. We mobilise frontier science and technology to enhance the wellbeing and economic development of the poorer half of the world’s population, without harming the environment or the interests of future generations. All potential solutions are co-created with the people they are intended to benefit.

We take an Inclusive Innovation approach to solving challenges relating to food, water, health, work and the environment.

We have developed a range of tools, projects and programmes to facilitate Inclusive Innovation, which we deliver in collaboration with partners in academia, civil society, government and business. Our major Inclusive Innovation programmes include:

CGE Cultivator Programme

CGE is enabling inclusive innovation in the Cambridge ecosystem by incubating projects and accelerating ventures through our Cultivator. We use the term Cultivator (as opposed to incubator or accelerator) because we offer the types of support and training necessary for successful interventions in developing and emerging economies, and because we are committed to the long, slow, iterative evolution of context-appropriate innovations.

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Development i-Teams

Development i-Teams investigates ways in which new science and technology emerging from Cambridge University research could be used in countries with developing and emerging economies with a goal to improve people’s lives in a sustainable way. Many of CGE’s Cultivator ventures begin as projects in the i-Teams programme.


International Co-Creation

CGE facilitates and supports partnerships among our Cultivator ventures and projects and our international partners.