Bio Bottle Voltaic (BBV)


The Bio Photo Voltaic (BPV) device is an open source apparatus that generates electrical current through the biological activity of algae or plants. Some of the components forming the BBV are obtained from recycled material:  plastic bottles and aluminium from recycled cans.

The BBV aims to:

  • Be a tool of education for schools located in many parts of the globe
  • Be a modular system that provides off-grid electricity to communities without power

The Technolgy

The Bio Photo Voltaic (BPV) device is a specific type of bio electrochemical system (BES) where oxygenic photosynthetic microorganisms (e.g., cyanobacteria, algae and plants) harness light and use it to generate electrical current through the photosynthetic and respiratory/fermentative metabolisms. Recycling is a crucial part of this project. Two of the main components forming the BBV system are recycled plastic bottles (the embodiment of the system) and aluminium from recycled cans (the anodic electrode).