Solaware develop small, portable solar light devices to offer a source of safe, healthy, and affordable light to people across the world.

More than three billion people around the world don’t have reliable access to electricity and have to resort to using kerosene, paraffin and candles to provide dim lighting. These forms of light emit toxic fumes that the World Health Organisation estimates cause 4.2 million deaths each year. The cost of the fuel consumes a substantial part of household income trapping people in poverty.

We have developed a small, portable solar light device that can be used as a wrist band or head torch. The integrated LED provides a source of bright light more than four times brighter than a kerosene lamp allowing people to work before and after sunrise. Integrated solar technology with energy storage provides a source of healthy and safe energy. The renewable nature of the energy can also help to alleviate poverty. Our smaller technology offers a portable device that can provide light for new applications in education and agriculture, amongst others.

We want to ensure that every person across the globe has access to light at night and the freedom to pursue their aspirations.

Prizes, Funding, Competitions, Workshops

Venture for Change award, Cambridge University Entrepreneurs.


The team

  • James Griffiths is passionate about developing technology that helps to improve the lives of all people across the globe and the natural environment. He is currently developing high power transistors for power electronics. His earlier PhD research focussed on the development of polarised light LEDs that can substantially improve the efficiency of LED displays.
  • Thomas Choi is researching the development of nitride transistors to support high power electronics. He has a degree in photonics providing a foundation in the development of opto-electronic devices. He has experience working with NGOs, including teaching in Vietnam, and believes that every person across the world should have the same opportunities.