ODEN – Open Development and Education Network

Sustainable Development Goal 4, “Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning”, is seen through the lense of children’s learning; the learning of all children, irrespective of social and economic status.

At the same time, teachers play an important role, as they are the workforce that will support children in their learning. Out of the 10 goals in SDG4 only the last one focusses specifically on teachers; however, at least 8 out of the remaining 9 goals will require qualified, effective education professionals, and particularly teachers. Of course education improvement is a wider systemic issue, and while governments need to support their schools and maintain standards, the actual day-to-day delivery of “equitable and quality primary and secondary education” is clearly in the hands of primary and secondary school teachers. Indeed, research suggests that qualified teacher play a key role not just in ensuring quality, but also in ensuring inclusive, equitable, gender-responsive access.

Founded and managed by Dr Björn Haßler,  the Open Development and Education Network (ODEN) seeks to support children, teachers, ministries and other education sector actors through open approaches, and embodies by the Principles for Digital Development, incorporating open data and open resources.

Our first goal is to work on the systematic release of research, data  and resources under Creative Commons licence, and to organise these materials into curricula, spanning

  • primary schooling;
  • secondary schooling;
  • teacher education (pre-service, e.g. Bachelor of Education; in-service and CPD);
  • research skills for evaluation of initiatives.

Our second goal is to partner with selected schools and education systems in trialling these resources.

Pupils measure their heart rate in a lesson planned during the OER4Schools programme. CC BY-SA, www.oer4schools.org.