CGE Attends Biomaker Challenge Workshop in Ghana

As a partner in the Africa Biomaker Challenge, a GCRF-funded project led by the University of Cambridge’s SynBio Strategic Research Initiative and Open Plant, CGE took part in a Biomaker Challenge workshop in Kumasi, Ghana. Hosted by Kumasi Hive. Biomaker is a programme for project-based training and application development. Interdisciplinary teams were provided with starter kits and technical resources that allow the … Continue reading CGE Attends Biomaker Challenge Workshop in Ghana

Open-Seneca in Nairobi

Cultivator member open-seneca is a student-led initiative working on creating a global low-cost mobile air pollution sensor network.  The aim is to empower citizens with air pollution data to raise awareness, initiate a behavioural change, and inform policy makers on environmental issues. CGE have helped facilitate collaboration between open-Seneca and the Nairobi Maker space on an air … Continue reading Open-Seneca in Nairobi

Challenge Design Workshop

CGE took part in the Sustainable Development Challenge Design Workshop at IfM. The workshop kickstarted the second cycle of the Global Maker Challenge, an online platform allowing ‘makers’ and innovators to collaborate and solve real-world problems.

CW Unplugged: Tech for Earth

Tech for Earth explored innovative technologies’ contribution to tackling agriculture in developing and emerging economies. This was the second of four events as part of the CW Unplugged: Air, Earth, Fire & Water programme.

CGE joins Biomakespace

CGE Cultivator venture eCO-SENSE and CGE staff members joined the Biomakespace Cambridge training event last week. The event provides a space for community based, open access biology and prototyping space. The community of scientists, engineers, technologists, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists and members of the public gather to explore the links between engineering and biology.

CGE visits Bahir Dar, Ethiopia to explore the innovation eco-system

CGE visited Ethiopia in May to explore the entrepreneurial and innovation eco-system in Bahir Dar. CGE is working in collaboration with the Bahir Dar Institute for Technology (BIT) to establish a Maker Space. The visit was a great success, six focus groups were conducted with over 120 students, we met with local entrepreneurs and innovators, … Continue reading CGE visits Bahir Dar, Ethiopia to explore the innovation eco-system

Paid Internship with Cambridge Global Health Partnerships

CGE member organisation, Cambridge Global Health Partnerships, is currently seeking a full-time, paid intern for Sept 2019 to March 2020. CGHP is looking for someone with strong administration, research and writing skills, and a passion for global health and international development to help them build this exciting programme and expand its reach. See full job description … Continue reading Paid Internship with Cambridge Global Health Partnerships

Deploy: Lab in a Tent (Cambridge Science Festival)

CGE Cultivator venture DEPLOY (Diagnostics to Empower Pathogen-detection in a Low-income country) is a mobile diagnostic laboratory in a tent which will be deployed in Sierra Leone and used for identification of cases of malaria and other vector-borne diseases. As part of Cambridge Science Festival, DEPLOY gave tours of the diagnostic tent and a talk … Continue reading Deploy: Lab in a Tent (Cambridge Science Festival)