Sparrow are looking for short-term storage space

One of our Cultivator projects, Sparrow, is running a pilot to upcycle discarded bicycles in Cambridge for use in Bahir Dar, Ethopia, with the long term vision of increasing access to sustainable mobility for the economic bottom billion. As they accumulate bicycles over the next few months, they are seeking assistance from anyone who may be able … Continue reading Sparrow are looking for short-term storage space

Renew your CGE Membership

We would like to invite our members to renew their CGE membership. As an intrinsically collaborative organisation, the support of our members is invaluable to our development. In the past, we experimented with requesting data from members in lieu of membership fees. This proved very effective and we will continue with this approach for the future. The aim is … Continue reading Renew your CGE Membership

Melinda Bohannon (Director of Strategy at DFID) visits Cambridge

The Centre for Global Equality’s student society hosted a talk by Melinda Bohannon, Director of Strategy at the Department for International Development (DFID). As a senior civil servant with over 20 years of experience in international policy, Ms Bohannon provided students with an insight into the policies and ethos underlining the UK government’s commitment to global, sustainable development. Be sure to … Continue reading Melinda Bohannon (Director of Strategy at DFID) visits Cambridge

Cambridge International Development Conference (CamIDC) 2020

CGE’S student society hosted the CamIDC 2020. Titled “Rising Tides: Meeting the Challenge of Inequality in the Age of Climate Change”, the conference explored how climate change disproportionately effects poorer communities worldwide, and thereby perpetuates further societal inequality. With over 100 attendees, CamIDC brought together senior figures from within the CGE network (Kitty Liao, CEO Ideabatic), and beyond (British Red Cross, Action Against Hunger, Sourcing Justice) to explore how inclusive and collaborative international … Continue reading Cambridge International Development Conference (CamIDC) 2020

Building a 3D printer at BIT Maker Space

In December, makers at the BIT Maker Space in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, participated in a 3D printer building workshop. CGE is partnering with the Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BIT) and the BIT Business Incubation and Technology Entrepreneurship Centre for the Maker Space project. In March 2020, in collaboration with Nairobi Maker Space we will be … Continue reading Building a 3D printer at BIT Maker Space

BioMaker Workshop in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

A two-day Biomaker Challenge workshop brought together students from the five engineering faculties at the Bahir Dar Institute for Technology (BiT). In collaboration with BiT, CGE, OpenPlant and the University of Cambridge Synthetic Biology IRC, the workshop hosted 30 participants who created 10 mini-projects. A huge thanks to the BiT Maker Space team and the ICT4D Centre at Bahir Dar University for coordinating the workshop.

Maker Space Poster wins Competition at GCAM 2019 

Last week, CGE presented a poster at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The poster detailed the Co-creation Maker Space at the Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BiT). In collaboration with BiT and Nairobi Maker Space, CGE has supported the establishment of the Maker Space which is located at the main BiT campus. … Continue reading Maker Space Poster wins Competition at GCAM 2019 

CGE Attends Biomaker Challenge Workshop in Ghana

As a partner in the Africa Biomaker Challenge, a GCRF-funded project led by the University of Cambridge’s SynBio Strategic Research Initiative and Open Plant, CGE took part in a Biomaker Challenge workshop in Kumasi, Ghana. Hosted by Kumasi Hive. Biomaker is a programme for project-based training and application development. Interdisciplinary teams were provided with starter kits and technical resources that allow the … Continue reading CGE Attends Biomaker Challenge Workshop in Ghana